Certified Fertilizer Applicator Program Online Training Modules

2017 Online Certified Fertilizer Applicator Modules

Online training opportunities are now available for the Certified Fertilizer Applicator Program.  These online training modules are intended to offer flexible supplements to in-person training opportunities.  Any of these on-demand webinars may be viewed to receive accreditation.  Following completion of the modules, applicators will be to self-report their participation with the link below.

4R Site Specific Nutrient Management

This ten-part module series is intended to help the viewer understand the principles of soil fertility, addressing site specific nutrient management decisions and practices through the context of 4R Nutrient Stewardship. These modules were created by Iowa State University in cooperation with The Fertilizer Institute, the International Plant Nutrition Institute and USDA NRCS.  Visit the module homepage or individual chapters by clicking on the links.

Each module provides 0.5 credits in the CFA program.  These modules can be view in any order and at any time.  To report credits, visit the reporting link below and select the modules that have been viewed.  Use this link to report module participation for one or more modules, and the link may be visited multiple times to report credits as more modules are viewed.

4R Site Specific Nutrient Management Modules

  1. Overview of Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrition, and Nutrition Management
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Phosphorus
  4. Potassium
  5. Sulfur
  6. Calcium-Magnesium
  7. Micronutrients
  8. Soil pH and Lime
  9. Soil Sampling
  10. Economics and Environmental Issues

Report credits at this link:


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