• Reduced landfill usage
  • Using recyclable materials
  • Packaging
  • Active recycling program for materials you receive
  • Corrugated cardboard recycling
  • Plastic (shrink wrap)
  • Papers, magazines, etc.
  • Pesticide containers
  • Maintenance oils
  • Pallet recycling/reuse
  • Recycle used computer equipment/parts
  • Use of fuel additives to reduce emissions
  • Use of double walled fuel tanks or use of containment for fuel tanks
  • Use renewable fuels in your vehicles (ethanol blends, biodiesel, etc.)
  • Purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles (better mileage, fewer emissions)
  • Increase payload capacity
  • Retro-fitting equipment


  • Offering site-specific agriculture technology
  • GPS application of fertilizers
  • No till/reduced till practices
  • Offering variable rate fertilizer application
  • Using application equipment that has auto-steer capabilities and technology
  • Promoting high yield agriculture
  • Recommend and sell slow release nitrogen fertilizer products
  • More production per unit of input (fertilizer)
  • Fewer miles across fields to produce more yields per acre

Water Conservation 

  • Usage reduction
  • Water recycled/reused
  • Low volume washing equipment
  • Use practices (buffer strips/fence rows) to reduce fertilizer/manure runoff to rivers/streams
  • Installing equipment to reduce contaminants in runoff/outfall or sewer flow
  • Improve drainage

Facilities Improvement

  • Using new technology lighting systems
  • Installing new grain dryers that are more efficient and use less energy per point of moisture, per bushel
  • Installing more efficient heat exchange equipment
  • Installing biodigester or otherwise using waste products
  • Installing more efficient electric motors
  • Installing equipment to reduce noise
  • Installing equipment to minimize dust and air particulates in the environment
  • Installing high efficiency heating/cooling systems
  • Utilizing LEED construction methods for new buildings

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